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Product Description


A New York deli classic

Handmade using organic silverside and topside joints, our pastrami is our West Country take on a traditional New York Jewish classic. Silverside and topside are cuts taken from the internal and external muscles high on the hind leg of the beef carcass. These hard-working muscles have tremendous, hearty flavour combined with a robust texture. This makes them the perfect cuts for curing: the flavour has enough depth to holds its own against the ingredients in the cure and the openness of the texture allows the brine to penetrate.

Curing is an age-old technique used to preserve meat and intensify natural flavours by drawing out some of the moisture. Our cure is done using a brine that's mildly spiced and smoky to impart the characteristic taste of Pastrami. Rather than just soaking the joints, we like to inject the brine into the core of the meat, meaning it cures evenly and consistently inside and out. After 24 hours of curing, the joints are rolled in a spice coating of black pepper, paprika, celery and chilli then oven-baked before slicing.

Our pastrami, once sliced, has a distinctive pink colour. The thin crust of spice adds bite and punch. It's perfect piled high on tangy sourdough bread with sharp mustard and sweet pickles. Alternatively, go for a deli classic with a Reuben sandwich. Whip up some Russian dressing from equal parts mayo and ketchup with a dollop of horseradish, a dash of hot chilli sauce and a finely diced gherkin. Slather the dressing onto a piece of rye bread (buttered on the outside), heap on the pastrami along with some sauerkraut and a couple of slices of Swiss cheese. Top with a second piece of bread (also buttered on the outside) and fry in a hot pan until golden and melty.

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