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Clare Hunt Rural Business Copywriter with sheep

My story.

Where It All Started.

Home for me is Devon, in the south-west of the UK. Here, I can be found on a smallholding writing and editing, as well as looking after sheep and working obsessively with wool.


I was born in lowland Scotland and completed my studies there, too. Degrees from Edinburgh and Stirling Universities in English Literature, History and Publishing Studies set me on an inevitable path into books. 


My first reference publishing job was with Larousse Chambers where I worked on dictionaries and encyclopaedias. Over the next decade or so, I worked up through the editorial ranks at Weidenfeld & Nicolson, Marshall Editions and Chrysalis Books. ​Working for illustrated reference publishers exposed me to diverse and random subjects and taught me there was something fascinating in every topic.


In the early 2000s, I moved to the Penguin Group to work in DK's Travel Guides division. A range of increasingly senior roles with DK Travel and Rough Guides – two of the world’s leading guidebook brands – followed.


As publishing director at DK, I juggled big budgets, looked after complex teams, worked with authors, built lists, launched websites, did a lot of corporate ‘stuff’ and travelled all over the place. Acting as the ‘face’ of the brands, I was responsible for writing blogs, marketing material and web copy as well as representing the businesses on broadcast media. Thanks to my publishing roles, I have diverse skills that range from writing and editing to team management, commercial strategy and branding.


Eventually, when I grew weary of the high heels and departure lounges, I jumped the corporate ship and headed to the country. Now, I work with big-name brands and small businesses, writing and editing print and online content. My clients cover a range of industries, so I have the chance to tackle topics as diverse as agriculture and interiors or dentistry and distilling.  


When I’m away from my desk, I can be found spinning wool from my flock, training my sheepdog or tending to my greenhouse. The best days start with the birth of a new lamb and end with a glass of homemade sloe gin by the fire pit.

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