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Interiors Feature

Spring Living

If the urge for a spot of spring renewal is upon you, take a tip on what’s hot in the living room this season.

The living room – when you think about it, probably the hardest-working room in the house. A lot of time is spent there and it has to serve a lot of different purposes. It’s a space for relaxing, yes, but that relaxation may take the form of watching, browsing, gaming, reading, crafting, chatting or contemplating. The living room needs to function in a lot of ways for all members of the family. Added to that, the pressure’s on to make it look stylish as well. It’s the room most likely to be seen by visitors so serves as a shop-front for your taste and design style. No pressure, then. So whether you’re embarking on an all-out overhaul for 2017 or just considering a touch of gentle sprucing, what are the up-and-coming trends your living room would love to be seen in?

Green and Leafy
Emerging from the fashion for dark, dramatic wall colours, optimistic green is the shade of the year. The influence of nature – from jungle foliage and garden greenery to the translucent blue-greens of the coast – is writ large in current trends. Go bold with deep, complex shades on feature walls or use it in sofas or painted furniture for an isolated blast of eye-catching colour in an otherwise neutral scheme. Natural greens are also influencing patterned fabrics and wallpapers, with luxe, leafy botanical prints bringing outdoor textures into the living room. If you want to be really literal, invest in statement plants from exotic orchids to lush palms – especially on-trend against a powder-pink backdrop.
Be inspired: Fired Earth’s Dinner at Eight wallpaper in Summer features floral sprigs and delicate ferns against a tranquil forest-green background.

Jewel Tones
Looking to other natural elements, twinkly jewel tones and low-key metallics bring drama to the living room without being as frightening as they sound. This isn’t 1990’s chrome – 2017’s jewels and metallics are all about adding textured softness and light. With just a hint of shimmer, new-season metallics bring recently popular greys up to date and offset bold features, offering a suggestion of opulence without being brash. Quartzy pinks and purples keep the mood buoyant with warmth and gentle vibrancy.
Be inspired: Metallic paints from Craig & Rose offer a delicate twinkle in a range of emulsion and eggshell tones. B & Q’s Silver Effect Sari wallpaper combines shimmer with texture to nail two trends in one product.

As far as fashions go, hygge (the Scandinavian notion of tranquil cosiness) has bulldozed all before it – most probably because it’s achievable and eminently liveable. Absorb it into your living room scheme by creating an escapist retreat full of relaxing neutrals and comforting, soft-touch textiles. Think luxurious sheepskins, natural-wool blankets and big knits on soft, rustic leather sofas amidst natural shades from linens to moss greens and soft terracottas. This is not functional Ikea-Scandi, rather log-cabin hibernation Scandi or summer-by-the-lake Scandi. Sit back and feel the tension melt away.
Be inspired: Little Whitehall Farm near Honiton produce a range of woollen blankets and sheepskins from the fleeces and pelts of their pedigree Swedish Gotland sheep.

Touchy Feely
Tactile fabrics from semi-transparent silks to rugged linens remind us that upholstery and drapes are all about texture in 2017. Decorative features using retro cork are making a comeback while classic, sumptuous velvet enjoys a renaissance on squishy sofas and comfy chairs to perfectly combine trends for cosiness and jewel-bright colours.
Be inspired: Sofa Workshop’s Lady May sofa covered with Dusky Velvet in Grass combines classic styling with super-tactile texture.

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