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Listicle blog for a dental clinic

Why Our Patients Love Face Teeth Smile

If we asked people to tell us about their favourite things in life, would anyone choose going to the dentist? Probably not. This is why we’re proud to be a dental clinic with a difference – our patients really do enjoy coming to visit us. So, what is it they like so much?

Face Teeth Smile doesn’t look, feel or smell like your average dental surgery. We care for our patients in luxurious, modern surroundings with a relaxed atmosphere that promotes comfort.

In our dedicated relaxation room, patients can sit back and chill out between treatments.

We know people are busy, so our service is flexible. Consultations can be booked online and we offer convenient weekend and evening appointments.

Our equipment is state-of-the-art and we use digital techniques and workflows to produce accurate and exceptional outcomes.

With our on-site lab, there’s no waiting weeks for crowns and veneers to be produced – we can complete smile makeovers in a single day.

Our pricing is transparent and fully itemised before treatment begins. Payment plans are available to ensure our procedures are accessible for everyone.

Patient care is our priority, so our friendly and approachable team members are here to offer advice, answer questions and provide reassurance if needed.

Our highly skilled and experienced clinicians are leaders in their fields. They practice the latest techniques and deliver outstanding results, meaning our patients are in the best hands.

We go the extra mile by offering ongoing care and maintenance plans. That might mean regular hygienist sessions, composite conditioning or at-home skincare regimes. If any questions arise, we’re always happy to help – even after treatment is finished.

To enjoy your own Face Teeth Smile experience, book a consultation online.

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