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"Weighty and whimsical features alike benefit from Clare's versatile touch"

Clare Hunt Writes

Freelance Writer | Devon UK

Hi. I'm Clare.

My favourite things to write about are food, drink, farming and rural life.

I'm a versatile freelance creative copywriter and features editor for web and print.

I produce engaging, amusing, properly researched copy in just the right style and tone for your publication, website, social media or brand.

I am available for short or long-term contracts, topical newsletters, reactive and relevant web content and freelance copy writing.

"Clare’s tangible love of the countryside imbues her writing with authenticity & authority."


If you require freelance Content Creation to cover staff absence.

A remote & affordable Social Media Content Writer / freelance Copywriter.

Fresh Copy to keep your online presence & SEO relevant.

Topical Features or Columns written to keep your audience up-to-date.



• Features for print or online - narrative &

short form

• Web & Blog copy

• Editorial

• Newsletters & Press Releases

• Listings or product description copy

• Promotional and advertising copy

• Creation and management of brochures

• Recipes

• Research

• Proof reading and copy editing 

• Updating and repurposing existing copy

• Collaboration with designers and photographers, including food styling

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There’s nothing more wonderful than that moment in winter when the first flurry of snow falls.

A snowflake is born

No Churn Ice Cream

An utterly delicious recipe originally devised for my personal blog. Written for the pleasure of writing!


No-churn ice cream

Helen Musselwhite.jpg

If you sent or received a Christmas card last year, chances are you’ve seen a piece of Helen Musselwhite’s work.

Drawn from nature

Client love


Fully researched content

Inside Information


While there’s no replacement for good old-fashioned stockmanship, in modern livestock farming technology is becoming increasingly important. So what could today’s dairy and beef farmers gain from deploying a high-tech but easy-to-use bolus system?  


For experienced livestock handlers, administering a medicinal or nutritional bolus (a kind of very large, slow-release pill) might be all in a day’s work. Administering a 7-inch-long medical-grade plastic capsule containing a battery, an accelerometer and a thermometer? Maybe not quite so everyday. But with smaXtec Inside Technology, it could become so.

Tech-Packed Pills

The smaXtec system lets farmers (quite literally) know their cattle inside out. Using a special applicator, the bolus is painlessly inserted down a cow’s throat into the reticulum (the first chamber of the digestive system). It’s weighted to ensure it stays in place and once it’s in there... read more



From features to brochures, recipes to blogging, I'm a versatile creative writer and editor for web and print. I produce engaging, amusing, properly researched copy in just the right style and tone for your brand or publication.


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Weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or ad hoc. I regularly write for NFU Countryside magazine amongst others.


I create & write my own recipes. I also write food features for Web and Print as well as regular foodie Blog posts


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I Need a 


From proof reading to updating and repurposing existing copy.


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I fully research all commissions to ensure complete accuracy.

Approach, style and tone of voice will be tailored to your audience

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