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Summer 2022

Since the ’60s, when freezers started popping up in our homes, frozen food has been appreciated for its convenience. We wholeheartedly agree – frozen fruit and veg is definitely convenient. But is that all it has going for it? Not by a long chalk…

It’s fresh: fruit is best right after picking. Taking a long-haul flight, waiting at customs and sitting on a supermarket shelf all take time. So fresh fruit, well, might not actually be all that fresh. We don’t hang around when picking and packing our fruit. We get the prep done ASAP, so at the point of fast-freezing, it’s perfectly fresh.

It’s ripe: you know when you bite into a beautifully ripe peach and the juice runs down your chin? That’s a moment of perfection. We aim to catch all of our fruit in that split second – at its tastiest and most nutritious. Vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, fibre and antioxidants (all the good stuff, basically) are at the top of their games when a fruit is fully ripe. Not-so-coincidentally, that’s exactly when we freeze it.

It’s nutritious: it’s been proven that freezing preserves the nutrients in fruit. While the goodness in fresh fruit starts to diminish from the point of picking, frozen equivalents go into suspended animation. Even after a year in the freezer, they’ll still be fighting fit.

It’s packed with possibility: with some fruit in your freezer, who knows where your mood will take you. Blend it into a smoothie, nibble it as a snack, bake it into a muffin. Want to pour melted chocolate over it? No one’s judging.

It’s (always) seasonal: thanks to the magic of frozen, there’s no such thing as out of season. We work with natural growing patterns to catch our fruit at its best. So when you fancy some tasty strawberries in December, just pop to the freezer.

It’s pure: freezing alone is enough to keep produce in a top-notch state, so there’s nothing else going on in the bag. No preservatives and zero added sugars. Just natural deliciousness.

It’s easy: using our frozen fruit is a four-step process. One – walk to the freezer. Two – open the door. Three – grab a pouch. Four – use. There’s no washing, no chopping and no tidying up. That’s our kind of fast food.

It’s just the right amount: what do you do when you only want half a banana? It might not be one of life’s biggest unsolved problems, but it does often lead to the second half hanging around, going a bit funny and ultimately being chucked.

With frozen fruit you choose a portion size and grab it whenever you want. No fruit-bowl rot here.

It’s waste-free: for complicated reasons, tons of fruit and veg grown for the human food chain never reaches the table. Much of it’s perfectly edible, but isn’t considered pretty enough. When we chop and freeze our fruit, we can make use of it all – even the slightly wonky specimens.

Why Frozen is Magic!: Work
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