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Duck just off Exeter’s main drag, follow your nose and you’ll find yourself in the comforting embrace of Devon Coffee. This bijou spot, all rustic décor and tactile wood panelling, is a welcome relief in this city-centre heartland dominated by yet-more coffee chains. Open shelves form an elegantly dishevelled backdrop to the baristas as they set to their caffeine alchemy. 

Thanks to the La Marzocco, the intense aroma of the seasonal, directly traded house roast fills Devon Coffee’s cosy interior. Beans come from Crankhouse Roastery, based all of six miles away. In case you were getting stuck in your ways, though, a second grinder has been installed to let guest grinds steal some of Crankhouse’s thunder. Look out for roasteries including Notes and Girls Who Grind.

With V60 and Aeropress also available alongside cold brew, chai and fragrant Canton teas, locals, shoppers and workers have options fitting of the South West’s regional capital. Chase your choice with a sticky tray bake or enjoy a wholesome brekkie, lunch or sarnie.

Insider’s Tip: Grab an indulgent affogato and a pavement seat to make summer in the city feel all Italian.

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