In It For The Long Haul

When it comes to travel, it’s easy to spend a lot, get carried away with yourself and think oh-it’s-just-this-once. But conversely, it’s also possible to have a spectacular trip to an exotic destination without blowing the bank to smithereens. That’s the sort of trip we love.


So let’s take a look at ways to put an unforgettable long-haul experience within the grasp of your group, all the while keeping the purse strings tight. And you might be surprised by our recommendations for big-hitting but affordable destinations that will take you far from home.

Comfort Food for Warm Days

Blog post for Coombe Farm Organic.

There are plenty of comfort-food dishes to savour, whatever the weather might be up to outside...

Offsetting, Mitigation and Sustainable Travel – What’s It All About?

Blog post for STC Expeditions.

No-Churn Ice Cream

An utterly delicious recipe originally devised for my personal blog. Written for the pleasure of writing!

Stuffed Lamb Hearts

As a sheep keeper I like to use the whole carcase, offal and all. This recipe was created for my own blog and makes excellent use of a good value but unpopular cut. 

Clotted Cream & Chocolate Ripple Fudge

An original recipe devised for my personal blog. Perfect for a hand-made gift, even more perfect for self-gifting. 

Pipers Farm Blog - Foraging for Nettles

A wild food blog item about nettle foraging - and what to do with your haul once you've (carefully) picked it. Intended to inspire readers to try something they might not otherwise consider. 

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