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A hearty and substantial show-stopping steak

Packed with character and richly flavoured, Coombe Farm's organic beef porterhouse steak is fit for the biggest of appetites and most special of occasions. A porterhouse steak is cut from the same area of the carcass as a T-bone steak, just a little bit higher up the spine. This makes the porterhouse a sirloin-rib hybrid, with the distinctive T-shaped bone. Because it combines two steaks in one cut, the porterhouse is a great choice for steak lovers with rumbly tummies. But it isn't all about quantity; it's a marriage of textures and flavours that we think is unparalleled. So the next time you can't decide which steak you fancy, treat yourself to a porterhouse.

Sampling a cut like a porterhouse or T-bone lets you understand how different the muscles in the beef carcass can be, even when they lie side by side. The less active an animal is, the less character the meat they produce will have. That's why we believe an organic farming system that lets animals roam, browse and follow their natural behaviours is the best. Keeping our cattle out on grass for as much of the year as possible, and letting them grow to natural maturity, means their muscles have worked hard. And that equates directly to well-rounded flavour and robust texture.   

Cooking your porterhouse to medium-rare will get the best results. You want to give the marbling of fat a chance to melt through the meat but don't want to cook it too long and risk drying it out. Hold your steak with a pair of tongs and sear the top layer of fat until it sizzles and browns, before frying each side for two or three minutes. Adding a knob of butter to the second side draws out the flavour and ensures succulence. The porterhouse is a steak that really benefits from resting, so give it a good ten minutes wrapped in foil before serving with crisp, thin fries, a zestily dressed salad and a glass of cherry-fruited Malbec.

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