Everything you ever wanted to know about snowflakes!

There’s nothing more wonderful than that moment in winter when the first flurry of snow falls. Soon, the landscape is transformed and a sense of serenity envelops the countryside. But as fat snowflakes flutter to the ground, we rarely give much thought to what they actually are.

Toadstools and Mushrooms, Oh My... feature for NFU Countryside Magazine

There’s something terribly Enid Blyton about the idea of donning your wellies, grabbing a dinky little basket and striking out across a dewy meadow at first light in search of mushrooms for breakfast.

Uncertain Terrain Feature for Mole Valley Farmers' Countrystore Magazine

Grindingly slow negotiations have left Michael Gove’s Agriculture Bill dangling, while farmers face an uncertain future as a result of the volume of unanswered questions. CountryStore takes a look at what can be gleaned to date – and what the farming community thinks.

The Youth Are Revolting – Let’s Join Them

Monthly newsletter for STC Expeditions

Where previous generations worried about nuclear war or were motivated by ideals of love and peace, today’s young people have the environment on their minds. Their agenda is clear: sort it out right now or the planet’s a goner. A sentiment we wholeheartedly support here at STC Expeditions

Helen Musselwhite - Drawn from Nature

If you sent or received a Christmas card last year, chances are you’ve seen a piece of Helen Musselwhite’s work. Even in the tiny dimensions of a postage stamp, the improbable intricacy of Helen’s hand-cut paper artworks drew the viewer into tiny worlds full of suggestion.

Devon Home Magazine interiors feature

An item looking at trends in wall and floor tiles, for Devon Home magazine. Included researching what was off-the-moment, finding local retailers and putting it together into a concise, engaging piece. 

Taste Buds Magazine foodie feature

An item examining the diverse distilleries of Devon - checking out long-established brands and some newer upstarts on the scene.

Dowsing feature for NFU Countryside magazine

An investigation into the ancient art of dowsing - be it for water, minerals or archaeological artefacts. With passionate viewpoints held firmly by those who believe and those who deny, balance and narrative clarity  were vital. 

Headlines for Devon Home

A regular news feature for Devon Home - researching and rounding up all the arts, crafts, interiors, design and gardening action from around the county. Text needs to be concise and informative but inspiring and engaging at the same time. 

Smallholder column for NFU Countryside magazine

One of a series of monthly columns for Countryside, relating the ups and downs, joys and mishaps of life lived on a Devon smallholding. A very personal tone of voice is required. 

In the Shops for Devon Home Magazine

A regular shopping feature for Devon Home - researching and selecting a range of locally available, on-trend products to a different brief each edition. The challenge here is making a varied range of items appealing and interesting in less than forty words. 

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