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While there’s no replacement for good old-fashioned stockmanship, in modern livestock farming technology is becoming increasingly important. So what could today’s dairy and beef farmers gain from deploying a high-tech but easy-to-use bolus system?  

Insider’s Tip: Grab an indulgent affogato and a pavement seat to make summer in the city feel all Italian. 

Organic Beef Porterhouse Steak

Product description for Coombe Farm Organic.

A hearty and substantial show-stopping steak.

Travel Guides Publishing

With 20 years’ experience in illustrated reference publishing, I have in-depth knowledge of content creation, management, organisation and commercial development in creative environments.

A Taste of the West Country

Copy editing - including author queries and recipe checking - as well as proof reading this annual celebration of West Country food. 

Coombe Farm Christmas Brochure

A beginning-to-end editorial job including devising and writing recipes, food styling for photography, image selection, writing narrative copy and listings, design liaison and management of repro files. 

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